Wednesday, 31 August 2016


The last few days for myself have been a bit of a dark wee patch
This happens with my moods and usually a few days and I am back to being me again, but sometimes it does last a lot longer and you have just got to plod on and hope it passes, having suffered with this for 17yrs I now have the confidence to know it is just a spell and it will pass but the first few times you plunge you do feel like their is never any light at the end of the tunnel and you wont ever get through that spell which isnt the case. 
So just taking things a day at a time and to be honest today I have actually slept for about 60% of it, the painkillers I take for my pain I normally only take 3 times a day morning lunchtime and bedtime but when I hurt my leg last week I had to up them to 4 times a day so they are making me really really drowsy and tired all the time. but I am just going with it and sleeping when I need to.

I got a message on facebook from one of my mums work friends (mum works part time in a hospice charity shop volunteering) she asked how my mum was as she had a wee "turn" last night, I told her I hadnt spoken to anyone and would phone over.
My mum had paramedics out last night as she had pain in her left arm, the paramedics done a few tests and took her to hospital with fears of a stroke as she had reduced strength in her left side.
She had a lot of tests done last night and they admitted her as they couldnt find anything that would cause it, they have done loads of tests today and we are still waiting on the results of some of them to come back. She is on a heparin drip as mum has an issue with her clotting factor and has had numerace DVT's in both her legs and her lungs and her blood was a wee bit high last night so they decided the drip was the best idea.
So told dad I would ring tomorrow at 11am (usually the ward rounds have been done by then) and get an update.
I am so angry though that no-one bothered to tell me or my brother, my sister and my niece both live at home with my parents so they could have easily have wrong or even PM'd one of us to let us know, but to be asked by her work colleague how she is and realise she knew more than us was embarrassing. I have spoke to my brother (well my SIL but my brother was in the background listening) and was really annoyed that they didnt know either, I am the first to admit my phone is rarely heard as I have it on silent with the LED flash alert because of my moods I tend to avoid non important calls and at times only answer to my mum, sis and Jordan because due to meds my speech can be a bit slurred. but Carol and Eugene have their phones next to them at all times and answer right away unless they are driving. and one of them would have messaged me. but nope, so I am waiting on my sister to get home from visiting and going to speak to her and get it off my chest, I might not live at home anymore but she is still our mum aswell and we all should be made aware of what is going on. 

Arghhh Families, today is also the anniversary of my Aunt Elizabeth's death she has been gone 4yrs today and I miss her loads x but her and my uncle Tam are looking over us all and that is a blessing to have to good and loyal people in your corner x 

Anyhoo time to sign out, be back tomorrow hopefully with some crafty goodness.

Love and hugs always Karen x 


  1. So sorry to hear about your Mam Karen. I hope they get to the bottom of it and she is home soon recovering. I totally understand why you feel so angry , it wasn't very nice finding out the way you did. Sending you a big gentle hug, Sarah xx

  2. Thanks Sarah x they still are doing tests they are waiting to see if they can do an MRI scan on her because she has got a stint in her brain she might not be able x so it is a waiting game x but thanks for stopping by hunni x lots of love and hugs Karen xxx