Saturday, 13 August 2016

Reading and Watching

Happy Saturday Everyone,
For once in my house everyone is up and about before 9am (most unusual)
Ian is off to work, he has a contract with a church to keep their grounds so he has 6hrs down there and then he will pop home and collect Jayden and take him over to my parents in Paisley for Church, then when he has finished his other work he will collect him again, Mum feeds him and stuff so it works out well.
Jordan was out last night drinking with his friends (I dont mind him having a bottle of beer or 2 at home but anything more and he does it elsewhere) so he has came back this morning looking fresh as a daisy so think it must have been a quieter night that he had intended.

I didnt sleep much last night, took an extra sleeping tablet to try and sleep the whole night but that failed and was awake before 4am, so sat and watched the movie Selena (Starring Jennifer Lopez) such a good movie, I love music and movies with music just make me happy, nothing better than screaching (yeah I cant sing) along to the songs. 
Then when that was finished I downloaded a few ebooks Cathy Glass (fantastic writer and have a lot of her novels) Silent Cry, and Girl Alone. And I downloaded Tortured by Victoria Spry (I have read the other 2 novels by Christopher and Aloma) I am sure this is the other child who was terribly abused by Eunice Spry.
I love reading especially when I am laid in bed and just chilling, I am rereading the Harry Potter Novels at the minute after last week reading the screenplay book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which I will be honest I enjoyed it does take a little bit more thought going into it as you are reading various people but once you get your head round that it is a great book and I enjoyed it.

Todays Agenda includes videoing 2 or 3 if I can new youtube videos for my Monday Card Making series, I have first tutorial ready to go with the preview made and all the 2nd one prepped ready to film, saves so much time that way otherwise I um and ahh about where to place things which doesnt make for interesting viewing lol.
Got the second tutorial kind of made up in my head ready to get done and the 3rd one well that might not happen lol x but I am a few weeks ahead anyway (think I have August covered, so planning for Sept) like to keep just ahead of myself so that I am not behind when I feel under the weather.

Mood wise I am actually feeling not bad, I did make a start on my craftroom yesterday but gave up, I am actually looking forward to Ian finishing for the holidays so I can get some work done in here, it is crying out for shelving so I can work more efficiently, We had planned a move of house but after talking and considering things we have decided to wait a few years and let Jayden finish primary school where he is, and then look for something nearer the coastline doing this seems more sensible as my eldest has already mentioned he is hoping to be out the house again in the next few years so this way we can find a house suitable for us long term as I HATE moving it is so stressful.

Anyhoo I think thats enough babbling for this time in the morning but I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Lots of Love and Hugs Always 
Happy Crafting xx

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