Thursday, 11 August 2016

New Blog a Quick HELLO and Intro

Good Morning Everyone

I have decided to open a new blog to share my day to day life with you all.
It will have a variety of topics ranging from my kids & fur baby and my O/H who has been my rock and best friend for the past 20yrs.

Also included in my blog will be my extended family, siblings, parents and weans (children in Scottish) galore. 
Some of my daily health issues physical aswell as mental, and lastly my passion in life which is crafting or any description. 

So a little about me then, 
I am a 39yr old woman who lives in Scotland with my family.
I was born and bred in Paisley, My parents and Irish/Scottish heritage,
My Dad's family originate from Carndonagh in County Donegal in Ireland, where we tend to spend all our holidays now as it is the most tranquil place in the world.

I have 2 siblings Laura is 4yrs younger than me and Eugene is 8yrs younger than me, I get on well with them both now although in our younger years myself and my sister would have given Tyson and Holyfield a run for their money. I also have my soul sister Nicky who has been my best mate for 38yrs almost and her and her 2 girls are family without question.

my Other Half Ian and I have been together since 25th December 1996 and he is my everything, we have 2 sons Jordan is 17 and Jayden-Jack is 10 and we have our furbaby Max who is a 5yr old Jack Russell Terrier who is my companion and is VERY protective of me.

Ian comes from a family of 4 he has 2 older brothers and a younger sister so between us both we have a lot of nieces and nephews and have 2 more great nephews on the way (1 in October, 1 in December) 

Both my dad and Ians mum came from large family's my dad is one of fifteen and Ians mum is one of eleven so LOTS of aunts and uncles and cousins.

I have a few health issues my main one is I have agoraphobia so dont get out and about much and when I do it is a military operation to make sure that I feel safe and dont panic. I have depression and social anxiety as well as a few physical ailments, arthritis, diabetes, migraines and a dodgy hip that gives way when it feels like it, usually when I least expect it and fall in a heap x 

But my big passion in life is crafting it really helps to get through the day and not lose days to depression, before I found crafting, I could spend 3/4 days easily doing zilch, nada nothing to show that I was even alive on those days but now I make it a purpose no matter how low I feel or how sore/tired I create one thing can be a card, an ATC (artist trading card, basically a credit card size postcard) a lace flower, anything that I can to say I won that day not depression, it may not seem much but to someone who feels that low it is a massive achievement to have something tangible to show for that day.

Anyway keep posted for my next blog 
Speak Soon Lots of love and hugs always Karen x  


  1. Awesome blog karen , I'm sure this will help you keep focused too honey . Lovely to hear about your family ....keep smiling beautiful huge hugs xx Amanda

    1. thank you sweetie x yeah hopefully be almost like a diary I suppose x always smiling x