Monday, 15 August 2016

My Big Girls

4am on a Monday morning and I am awake nowt new there really but over on facebook us scrimpy ladies all seem to be awake so we have decided to have a wee cocktail party ;) haha x 

Today at 9am my wee niece Leah and my great niece Olivia start primary 1 such a bitter sweet moment that the last of that generation is going to school and the first of the next generation is starting school x 

Our Leah - This is my brother Eugene's daughter 

And our Olivia - this is Ian's Niece Sheree's Daughter
(my niece also but on Ians side)

Our beautiful girls x seems like only a few years ago it was our Kim and Kieran Starting Primary 1 
yet they are now 24 & 25 respectively 

Todays agenda I want to try and make a canvas for my parents 40th due to being ill and very lethargic I have been putting it off and was also waiting on some bits arriving which are now here so going to get going with that today I will photograph some of the process and will hopefully video some of it for my youtube channel.
which is linked on the right hand side ;) 

anyway nothing more to say today really except have a good week folk and keep crafting.

Love and Hugs Karen xx 

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