Monday, 29 August 2016

Day Breaks

Today has been a blah day defo a day when I needed to take the day a bit at a time
with my depression sometimes focusing on 12hrs till bedtime is too much so I just break it right down to manageable portions. Today was an meal time day get to breakfast time, get to lunch, get to teatime then bed time. certainly helps.

Tonight I have been doing some prep work for my online Stampin' Up party graphics with all the info on them and sorting out samples for each product so has been tedious but worth it, also we talking tonight on facebook with friends about books and I was reminded of a book I had been meaning to read so am downloading it as we speak also downloaded another few decent ones a few stephen king novellas was particularly wanting to read his version of shawshank redemption and also the green mile. and got John Grishams a time to kill I love the film and we all know books are a million times better so cant wait to read that x so much reading and not enough time, who am I kidding lol x I love nothing better than laying in bed with my ebook which is nice and light and offers a brilliant sized text and decent light too. Am currently on Harry Potter Deathly hallows just about page 150 so a long way to go ;) x 

Otherwise it has been a quiet day done a few more bits with my paints this morning nothing exciting just seeing how the colours mixed and blended and what colours they made etc x so yeah it was good but messy lol x Anyway a short check in today but hope you all have a fab week ahead x 
Lots of love and crafty hugs Karen xx 

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