Friday, 12 August 2016

Cards and Stampin Up

Good Morning

Beith is rather dull and murky this morning, our summer must have been and gone while I slept one night lol x Sad that the kids havent had much good weather for their holidays, not that it has stopped Jayden, He counts down the time in the mornings till I allow him out to play, most of the kids up here are late sleepers and I hate kids chapping my door early mornings so he isnt allowed out till 11am and then he is GONE, he is 10yrs old and very good at crossing roads etc, that said our wee town isnt that busy the main roads are not near us as such so he is pretty safe.
He pops home when hungry and right back out the door again, he is most definitely going to work outside, you cant keep him in. Playing football, riding his bike, going to the local community project (they do a lot of activities for the kids learning them about the environment and planting food, keeping chickens how to recycle etc he really enjoys spending time round there) and they ALL know him he is a right little chatterbox.

I still have man flu floating about me (3wks past now) it is only my sinus and nose that are blocked now although I am sleeping more than I usually do, but in small doses 2hrs at a time.

In between that I have been crafting mainly cardmaking of late tbh, yesterday I made 2

This one is pretty basic stamped background using a large snowflake stamp and then
a woodware word stamp on a white cardstock which I coloured with promarkers and added some crystal glitter glue on the O (snowflake) and then added it to the card using silicon glue.

I really love this one, I will be adding a personalized sentiment using the same glittered cardstock
and it will look smashing, so simplistic but elegant and Christmassy x 

I am also waiting on a stamping up order coming from my friend Amanda (Scrimpingmommy)
I have ordered the scoreboard (get so stressed out with small score lines (1/4" and 1/8" etc) as my hougie only does 1cm spaces on one side and 1/2" spaces on the other side so needed something more detailed, I also ordered the metric plate for it to make it easier all round lol x
also in my order I order 2 stamp sets Butterfly basics (which anyone who knows me will tell you I adore butterflies for a very special reason) and Teeny Tiny Sentiments which is something that never goes wrong.

Todays Agenda follows as such, reply to youtube comments (done) do blog (done) Check emails 
Give Ian a shout for work, then go for a shower and wash my wig as it is badly needing done due to my medication I sweat a lot and my hair being long it gets yukky also my hair falls out a lot due to stress so it is easier to wash it and comb it out in the shower than have handfuls falling out on me throughout the day.
Then I will likely catch up on some youtube videos and maybe if I have the energy tidy my craftroom floor (zero space and too much stuff) so lots end up piled beside me to reach easily so need to get that sorted and if I can persuade Jordan to pull out my pc/craft table and go in the cupboard behind it and pull out my Christmas stuff (stamps, toppers, embellishments and older papers etc) that I store away yearly. but didnt pull it out last year due to the hassle of moving everything lol x but need it out to try using it again. 

Anyway until tomorrow folks have a crafty day x 
Love and Hugs Always Karen 


  1. Busy day ahead for you! Good luck with tidying the craft room lol it wouldn't matter how big your space is it would always be organised (cough cough) clutter!!
    Take Care
    Barbara x

  2. haha very true Barbara x Not got very far have ended up reading my book instead x still got a lot of day left though x

  3. Lol.. your Jayden sounds like a healthy young lad . Good on you for encouraging him to live in the " Real " world. Lovely blog my friend . xx

    1. I have only just seen this comment :( didnt get a notification of it so will need to check that out x gosh yes Jayden is a good kid a bit highly strung sometimes a bit of a diva but he is very much at home outside. No encouragement needed to be honest he is in his element when he is out and about, Hence why I love ireland so much, the side of us and behind the flat is a field for sheep, the cottage has 4 german shepard dogs who adore him and he goes down with treats for them and then the main lane has horses and foals so he can get up in the morning and plod about without annoying neighbours it is just amazing. Thanks Kay x I hope it just lets people see the whole of me warts and all in one place x Thanks for stopping by Kay x