Friday, 26 August 2016

Accident Prone

This morning I was lying in bed reading my ebook
waiting for the alarm to go off at 7am to get Jayden up for school,
so lay there for a good 20 mins or so then when it went off I got up and went to walk through to the bathroom then wake up Jayden.
Some mornings my hips feel as though they lock they dont actually move the way I need them to or other times they just give way and I fall down, anyway this morning I walked around the foot of my bed as I sleep the opposite side of the door Ians nearest the door, and I just went to turn at the bottom of the bed to walk past Ians side when my hip just locked but my other leg was already midway through moving and I stumbled and went down very strangely at the time I oohhed and ahhhed and put it down to my usual clumsiness in the morning but after I do my business and work up jayden I came in the craftroom and checked my emails, facebook, youtube etc and dottered about looking at stuff and then made a wee box envelope for my mum and dad and coloured it also about 12ish I went to go to the loo and my leg just couldnt take any weight the pain was unreal, so I hobbled literally to the loo after that I woke Jordan up by yelling him from the hall he came out and helped me to my room where I lay in reasonable comfort.
I have more or less stayed there all day with the occasional hobble to the loo.
I can now weightbare on it just but it is my right bum cheek and hip that are in a lot of pain and down my upper thigh. To be fair I am sure it is only badly sprained as I have seen neck of femur fractures and they are unbearable so I know it isnt that x I am going to leave it tonight and if I am still in a lot of pain in the morning I will go to A&E early and get it checked, was going to go tonight but....
it is the last Friday of the month lots out drinking and partying and A&E tends to be rather busy at night so rather than sit for 3/4 hrs on a hard chair in pain and freaking out with my anxiety and agoraphobia we are leaving it till the morning.

Fingers Crossed it has eased I hate hospitals and the thought of anyone touching it right now I think I would likely have a reflex reaction to punch them in the nose.

and for a quick project share my envelope
a sheet of paper from J'Adore First Edition coloured with pearlised paints and then went over to brighten the colour with inktense pencils.
I really love it x

Otherwise I have done nothing all day apart from have a quick chat and catch up to my friend who came back from her lovely holiday, cant wait to get a proper chat and see the holiday pics :)
Nice to have her back she is fair missed.

Anyway I am signing out for now and hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead of you

Happy Crafting Love and Hugs Karen xx

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  1. I hope your leg is feeling better my lovely. I love your little box , it's very pretty xx