Thursday, 25 August 2016

Took the plunge

Today I finally after 3/4 days of adding them to a basket and removing them from my basket I bought a set of cotman watercolour 1/2 pan paints they were £27.98
(cheapest I could find in the UK)
I also bought the professional 1/2 pan of alizarin crimson as from the reviews I have read that is one of the student grade colours that just doesnt behave anywhere near the same as the professional so I bought that also and while I was there I got a faber castell sharpener (with my son Jayden they seem to grow legs) so this one will be getting hidden and finally I bought a water brush I have a few and never really used them properly so I am hoping that with doing the painting with real decent student paints I will get the proper effect out of the brush (we can but hope)
So my final bill including postage was £40.22 so I can't complain.
My eldest son Jordan actually gave me £20 to treat myself so I put it to good use (but had to keep it off facebook so Ian doesnt see, as he didnt give his dad any money lol) It is great to finally have some decent kind of bond with my eldest we have had a really rocky few years and he still has a way to go but the real him is showing through more and more and it is just lovely.

Infact to share with you all until he moved out the family home (he is now back with us thank goodness) at 16yrs old he was forever lifting money from my purse, his dads wallet any cash that was lying he would think nothing of just taking it.
Tonight he got a taste of his own medicine, Jayden had stolen £4 from his money box he had it counted as he was saving up and realised this evening that £4 was missing and although he was not going nuts he was angry and he asked Jayden who denied it anyway after about 30mins Jayden owned up that he took it and I told him off and kept him in for the rest of the evening and also told him that Jordan would get his £4 next Tuesday when Jayden gets his pocket money.
I have already paid Jordan the £4 tonight but I want to Jayden to actually realise his error and physically hand his brother back what he stole.
Later on after that was all dealt with Jordan came in for his wee blether with me, we tend to have wee chats at night before he goes out with his friends and he said "mum I am so sorry for all I stole from you and dad, I never actually realised I was costing you"  So I was really chuffed and said "its not nice is it to have money in your own home taken from you, so I am glad that in a way you have realised without it being a LOT of money because Jayden could have took a lot more I think he had £80-£90 so it was one of those nights where I felt disappointed with the wee one but on the flip side it was a good lesson for them both because now Jayden hopefully will know that it isnt acceptable and Jordan knows how it is from the otherside.

My mood today despite all the drama hasnt gotten worse, I am still plowing through the swamp 
but I am not stuck so I take everything as it comes.

done a few paintings this morning as I was awake really early and wanted to keep my mind occupied so I done these both were video tutorials by The Frugal Crafter

My version of the Lupines look nothing like Lindsay's but it was enjoyable to paint and actually get the colour on the paper. This is definitely one painting I was to try and improve on as I do love the vibrancy and the feel of it x

My shocking version of Hollyhocks the leaves are just horrid and I wish I could just fussy cut them out but I cant so it is one for the I tried pile and thats part of the learning process aint it.
The actual flowers and the buds I like and feel that they have some depth to them but they are definitely jumping off beginner points.
But I want to share them so that others can see we all start off somewhere.
I am my own worst critic and will say where I think I have went wrong before anyone else can critique me, although if it is a fair and honest critique then please do say, but dont just be nasty of the fun of it as it just isnt needed.

Anyway this is another late blog but I hope that you all have had a lovely Thursday
and hope tomorrow kick starts your weekend with a smile.

I am all smiles cause my "sidekick" haha private joke
is home tomorrow from her holiday and I have fair missed her bubbles.

Anyway till tomorrow

Karen xxx

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