Sunday, 14 August 2016

Happy Anniversary

Good morning everyone, Hope you are all well this lovely Sunday morning?

I am absolutely shattered this "flu" has been lingering on for weeks, I am not left with a bunged up nose and sinus area and lethargic so my sleep pattern is just CRAZY.
Today is my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary

Do you see me in the photo? pmsl x

And they are more in love now than ever which is just amazing, and believe it or not (true story)
their worst argument EVER was over a burnt pot of potatoes both of them sitting on a Sunday evening watching antiques road show and the potatoes burnt and they both put the blame on each other, for days I was piggy in the middle "ask your father", "tell your mother" honestly it beggars belief and we do now laugh about it a lot x 

But they have taught me so much about how much work needs to go into a relationship and how much support you need to give each other regardless of what others may think.

I am so proud of them both and how much they have taught us x Wish them all the love in the world.

As for the rest of yesterday I actually done very little I did do a few cards which were good, and filmed a few tutorials, I also received my order from The Crafting Insomniac (Anita Blake)
I got a lovely selection of goodies washi tape, chiffon flowers, charms, wooden words and some satin leaves so pretty and such amazing prices.

I also watched some youtube videos aswell (although I am way behind in a lot of my friends videos)
was trying to get some inspiration for new designs for Christmas Cards, not to copy but to give me so layout ideas, card folds etc. No joy right enough I did also scan Pinterest but think sometimes thats the worst thing to do as their is so much choice it is overwhelming.

Then just before bed last night I saw Cruella has dished out another load of rubbish. I honestly feel sorry for the woman, who would waste so much time on negativity when you have beautiful grandchildren to enjoy time with and in spare time craft rather than keep breeding and spreading negative vibes it is so very sad. I am so pleased my life is not empty to the extreme I need to go to those lengths to fill my time, I can message friends and have a laugh, create some lovely projects or phone family or better still sit with my family and spend time with my kids.

Today I should be going to my parents but with this lurgy hanging over me still, I dont want to pass on any bugs to my dad, he is due to go into hospital in the next few weeks (anything from now - 12wks) for another big spinal operation so I am not going to pass it on to him incase it pushes back his operation.
Dad has had two big spinal ops the first one took out a disk and grafted a nerve on to another nerve (the disk had crumbled and the vertebrae had crushed a nerve in between which died so they grafted it on to another nerve and it worked and gave him a good 12-15yrs before he got trouble again, then in 2010 he got another operation done this time they put a cage around the nerves in the spine as the arthritis in the spine was pinching the nerves and stopping him having feeling in his hands and feet but the operation failed the cage had slipped when he went back for the 6wk post op check the cage wasnt where it should have been but where it was it was safer to leave it and carry on rather than risk a 3rd op where the risks of him never walking again were too high so they consultant told him then that their was an operation that he can do but he would rather wait until dads mobility was so poor that if the worst happened and he couldnt walk again then he had at least bought some time.
About 3 months ago dad spoke to us and told us the time had came and his quality of life is so poor that he is going for the operation, he made an appointment with the surgeon who has put him on the list, we are obviously really worried and pray everything will be okay with him but we know the risks and are prepared for it.
Whatever happens he will fight 100% he has never laid down to anything and I am so proud of him.

Anyway hope you all have a lovely sunday and I will catch you all tomorrow 

Lots of Love and Hugs Always xx
Happy Crafting xx  

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