Thursday, 18 August 2016

Housing and Shoutouts

Well I am late in posting today I have been sleeping a fair bit today I am really tired.
But other than that I have been making up a blog for a good friend of mine (who I will of course name once it is ready) but it is looking really clean and fresh she wanted something simplistic which I hope I have achieved for her.
I also printed off a new housing application, I applied for a house through a letting agency in June but someone elses application was successful (I dont agree with the way they let out their houses all the applicants apply then the landlord gets the applications and chooses a tenant, but.... the house is perfect for us) but yesterday when doing another search the house was back up for let (so the tenant obviously backed out) so I need to go back through the application process again.
It is not ideal but I do think the house is ideal for us, it has 4 bedrooms (one for me, one for my craftroom and a bedroom for the boys and a games room for the boys )
plus it is on a ground floor no stairs for me to climb, also means my dad can visit (he struggles with stairs and my bathroom is upstairs) their is a school literally 2mins walk from the house.
I am not pinning my hopes on it again but.... it would be great but I am continuing to look at other properties but only taking one which is better than where we are not going to take the first one available just to get away from here.
but I will keep you upto date with what happens.
Otherwise I have just been packing up some cards I have been making and stamping them with my personal handmade by stamp (think it just looks better)

Jayden came home from school yesterday with a new app/website that the school are part of now it is called Classdojo
and basically it is like a daily digest of how the classroom is doing and giving parents the chance to see how their kids are doing day to day without waiting for a report card or parents evening,
the teacher posts photos of what they are doing in class, like today they were learning about inventions and inventors who have made things for the home and asking the kids how important they were. so it gives you a chance to speak to the kids more about their school day which is fantastic because normally jaydens response when you ask him what did you do at school today? he replies "nothing" so I really like it. each parent has their own logging in details and a code so only you can access your childs personal progress (like behaviour and their achievements)
so it is very safe.

I highly recommend it to friends who are teachers or PTA members to discuss the use of it in their classes.

I have been watching some youtube videos yesterday and today so going to give a wee shout out to some of them and hopefully let you see some new talent or people who you might have forgotten about.
So here goes, Annemarie Collins has a fantastic new bag altered into a junk journal it is fabulous
such a good project and is very inspiring.
Melissa Hatten had a lovely new card tutorial up, using a stampin up set and embossing technique,
Mel is a very good friend of mine and is also a stampin up rep and has been showing the most amazing cards she is so talented and gives you lots of new ideas.
Kelly Donovan is another amazing crafter who I watched a lot of her videos yesterday (I have missed a lot recently) and also watched her daughters channel Emily Jo Donovan who is a lovely girl doing videos on skincare/beauty and make up etc (defo not my priority but she is a sweet kid who deserves all the encouragement in the world)
 lastly I love watercolour videos it is something I would absolutely love to perfect and for christmas this year I am going to get a student grade pallet to get me started properly, I do have some paints that were sent to me by the lovely Ann Chambers and I enjoy using them but they have a lot of fillers in them and dont give much info on the pigments used etc. 
I have looked at the cotman set of 45 half pans to learn on, with the option to then replace with artist quality half pans when I have money to do that.
Anyway waffling, but as always I love Lindsay The Frugal Crafter she is just amazing and such a fab energy and so passionate about the art of painting with what you have and can afford not telling you to go out and sell your home just so that you can paint with posh materials. which I love, and if Lindsay thinks cotman is good enough for her students then they will do me just fine ;)
I have also be watching The Spin Doctor he is more into the science of paint and gives much more details on how the paints do what they do which I find interesting, I did actually do art at school but not watercolour it was acrylic and I hated it mainly due to the fact that it was so boring still life painting not for me I love to paint from imagination or from references photos but use my own interpretation of the image. I loved a lot of the history side of art and always have done and even after I left school I would buy books on Monet (who is my personal favorite artist) Picasso, Da Vinci I am inspired by so many of them but Monet I love his colours and his interpretation of his work.
So to be able to get into watercolour and be able to create something decent will be fantastic, I have ordered some watercolour paper this evening (20 a4 sheets) which I will chop down to postcard size and a5 and start to "try" and do some painting.

Anyway I have rambled on long enough (bet you wish I had posted earlier lol) but hey gives you something to read ;)

Lots of Love and Hugs always Karen