Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Missed a Day & Watercolour Painting

Sorry for no blog yesterday but had a wee turn through the night that knocked me a bit
I went to bed on Sunday with no meal as I wasn't hungry, I woke up about 3am for the toilet and felt really sweaty and shaky just awful clicked immediately that I had not ate and it was likely my diabetes so went down stairs and got 2 ginger biscuits and a drink of juice one bite of the biscuit and I started to heave really badly but kept trying to eat the biscuit and finally it passed once I felt better I made a roll and cold meat and went back to bed. 
I got Jayden up for school and all was fine except I felt I had gone 10 rounds with Tyson I was shattered and spent about 90% of yesterday in bed. Today I haven't done much better to be honest but today is more down to my depression than anything else, but even on really bad days like today I need to make/create something to show that despite feeling crap I won over the depression as I didn't let it stop me. I know it sounds crazy but that's my rationality on bad days x I painted my first half decent watercolour painting just A6 size poinsettia but it wasn't bad considering I sketched it and painted it myself following tutorial from the frugal crafter x I have saved some of Lindsay's simple tutorials on to a playlist and will just attempt them as I go along x the paint I have is shocking defo need new decent paints but I'll get there soon I hope x 

As promised delayed addition of my first decent watercolour painting.

Anyway short one for today as I'm not at my best x but be happy
Lots of love and hugs always Karen x 
And happy crafting xx

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