Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Tuesday Ramblings

I know I am a day late (well not really just a few hours)
but I am still struggling a bit mentally just now the dark clouds are lingering a bit at the moment so trying to not dwell on things too much.

Last night I hosted an online Stampin' Up Party on Facebook
it was lovely to see some support from my friends I am very blessed.
I will be sending our invoices on Thursday for the items.

Otherwise I made the start on a card for my mums neighbour, he is 88 next month and mum wanted a card made for him, So hard to make a card for someone you dont really like it isnt very inspiring lol.
But I have gave it my best shot, mum said he loved cars and used to fly with the RAF in his youth. so these are the 2 options I have gave her.

Obviously there will be more embellishments added but that is the basics I personally prefer the car I think it has a more vintage feel to it, the plane was the only plane stamp I had. I embossed all the text and images on to white cardstock with black versafine ink and then used detailed clear embossing powder by stampendous and heat set them then went over them with brushed corduroy distress ink the white and brown paper is white cardstock with various brown shades of distress ink and various stamps I had. and the back layer is from the wild at heart First Editions paper pad, it is a rich wood grain which just frames the card beautifully. As I said it is extremely difficult to make a personal item for someone you dont really get along with, I dont wish the man any ill or anything like that, and my parents get on with him really well but when my eldest was a toddler 3/4yrs old he was forever giving him into trouble for opening and closing the driveway gates (his driveway is actually partly on my parents land but my mum and dad allowed him to use it since we moved in gosh 25+ years ago) so I being me went on a rant and told him if he didnt quit moaning at the wee one I would padlock the gate and he could fly his car out of his garage to the street.  Dad intervened and it was sorted but for about 10yrs he barely acknowledged my kids existed. So now I smile and walk by, Ian know tends his garden more as a favour to my parents than anything else, and the kids have been told to reply if he speaks to them and to be polite but not to go out their way to converse with him.

Sad really but I do tend to not hold grudges as such as thats so much wasted energy but I am more bite me once and we are done never again will I allow them that chance, and thats all it is I will put it behind me but I will not be on friendly terms again civil absolutely but nothing more.

Anyway that was my day yesterday no watercolour painting done cause if I am honest I am just not in the headspace for much at all just now but I did get a project done (well needs all stuck down when mum decided which she prefers) so another day where I have conquered my thoughts.
Go me - Karen 1 - Depression - 0 

Lots of love and Hugs Always Karen xx

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