Saturday, 20 August 2016

Hedgehogs and Trolls

Wow Saturday already how did that happen lol
Anyway an early rise for us here today, Jayden has gone over to his nana and papa's for church
Ian is working over that way so he drops him in early and collects him when he finishes.

My sister put up this message on facebook

My poor boy, he is such an animal lover and loves all types so to find this will have really upset him, cant wait to give him a wee hug when he comes home tonight.

I have also been browsing and keeping check on facebook and blogs that have been targeting my friend and also me and a few others, and yet again despite the fact that my friend is in a cruise with her fabulous husband and gorgeous daughter with not a care in the world and isnt online.
This "person" is still commenting and hilariously it is about trolling!!! 
My blog, and my friends blog have no negativity (bar this one as I felt it only right to say)
There is no mention of dislike for anyone or anything in that nature yet!!! the person who is CLAIMING to being "victimised" trolled has numerace messages on their blog and various places online about being a victim and being bullied yet has not one viable piece of proof to substantiate the claim, I have nothing to reproach myself about as I know 100% that my IP addy, and my parents IP addy (the only two places I am EVER) are totally free of having sent any messages or derogatory posts so I can 100% swear that it is all a figment of their very vivid imagination.
That said I am recording and documenting everything negative posted in relation to the allegations as they have already believe it or not reported the "offence" to the police.
I honestly cannot for the life of me understand why people need to waste officers time on such petty and irrelevant (and non existent)  stories.
This person feeds on attention and the best type they can get is pity, I find it terribly sad that in such a wonderful community (crafting) that such negativity can be allowed to fester.

I have had disagreements in the past with people online, difference of opinion crossed words and I have simply unfriended/followed/subscribed and blocked them from my social media and moved on, I havent given the issue any further headroom as it then allows negativity and dislike into your thoughts and that to me is not worthwhile, I much prefer to have good thoughts and positive ideas in my mind, especially due to my mental health having depression I have enough negative thoughts to contend with in my "real" life without allowing my "online" life being plagued too.
I have made so many good and LIFELONG friends online and they know about me warts and all we share similar interests and can confide in each other and support each other without feeling you are burdening family or close friends who may also be struggling with the same issue.

I do have agoraphobia which is why I mentioned above about only 2 IP addy's I use EVER because that is the 2 places I go but that said I have not been over my front door (or backdoor) since 19th July 
almost 5 wks, when I feel like this I tend to retreat and stay couped up in my safe haven,
And usually that includes not even going downstairs, I go from my bedroom, craftroom and bathroom. I have my mobile phone which only a few people have that number as I get anxious having to answer and speak to people.
So being online and having the arms length contact with extended family and friends is fantastic as it helps me to feel that im not a recluse that I am still conversing with others and being able to have a common interest in crafts etc is just wonderful.

Anyway I will leave it here for today and can assure you that this topic is not one I like speaking about but I feel sometimes we need to express ourselves and let others see that their is 2 sides to every story (even if our side is we havent got a story lol) 
I would love for this person to MOVE ON with their life and allow us to do the same without having the same hurdles thrown in our path continually.

So sweeties I will speak to you all tomorrow :) 
Lots of love and hugs Always Karen 
Happy Crafting xxx


  1. Hi hunni I totally agree with you , and on the point of running to the police when you make a complaint they have to act on it no matter how stupid it is but still I don't think this person realises that there could be someone in real need of police help and she has taken that away from them with her stupid made up storys shame on her xxxx

  2. Thanks Mel x cant agree more x Our Police officers have so much to do day to day and dealing with this nonsense is just a joke at the tax payers expense x Thanks for your comment hunni x