Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Happy Together

Another VERY early rise for me it is 4.20am and I have been awake over 2hrs but am using the time wisely and being productive.

Yesterday I completed my parents ruby wedding anniversary canvas and I just LOVE IT
so pretty but not too overly decorated it has a nice balance to it,
Normally I upload all my pictures to facebook and instagram, twitter but this project is being posted exclusively here so my mum doesnt see it ;) 

The finished product x I have detailed close ups that I will describe in more depth.

I am the eldest daughter and then my sister Laura is 4yrs younger and my brother Eugene is 8yrs younger so the hearts signify us in sizes the small diamantes signify our kids (I have 2, Laura has 1 and Eugene has 2) all the hearts were painted and then coated with glamour dust glitter paint in sizzling red and coated with a layer of glossy accents.

The flowers are a mix of the colour tones used in the project Red's and White/Creams I have very lightly dabbed some glamour dust paint in the same red on to some of the red flowers it just gives a subtle hint when the light catches it. in between the flowers there is some bead spray, some crystal beads, and rhinestones tucked in here and there and also the word bead ALWAYS x 

The word love I got from The crafting Insomniac and I just love it x
treated the exact same way as the hearts x 
The butterflies I have embossed a silver filigree butterfly using tinsel red (by Papermania) and I gave it 2 coats and it worked out great, the silver it pretty but it didnt go with the rest of the canvas.
but I then felt the solitary butterfly was out of place so I dug out some smaller paper die cut butterflies that were sent to me by the beautiful Geraldine Reardon, who is littlesnippets1 on YouTube x I again used the embossing powder but it didnt work as well so I ended up painting them with 2 layers of the glamour dust paint and it worked a treat.

The words Happy Together again were from The Crafting Insomniac and I also painted them the same way as the hearts and the Love word but I didn't gloss over these words (to add some subtle textural differences)

The image is from my parents wedding day (im in my mummies tummy say helloooo)
but I had a heart template that I drew around and trimmed the photo to the heart shape, I then layered it on to red glitter card stock (handmade I may add ended up with a vinyl feel to it) and then using my eye (not the greatest) trimmed it to a nice border around the image.

I used a paper from the first edition J'adore which is so pretty and I have hoarded for a long time,
and to soften the Vibrant red glitters I chose to add cheesecloth/muslin behind many elements and again I think it worked perfectly, I added a cream pearl trim around the edge of the canvas to help disguise the harsh white canvas colour. I also dotted some diamantes here and there on the canvas to again just add a little bit of sparkle but defo not over done.
Muslin, pearls, and flowers and embellishments have been bought from Amanda Charlesworth at Scrimpy's Lace Closet x 

I know my Dad will love it Mum will too but like I have said she is not a sentimental person she is very functional.

Other news my baby starts Primary 6 today!!!!
I have no clue how he got so grown up, but he is looking forward to it,
by 3pm that will most certainly have worn off, Jayden is absolutely not an academic he is very hands on, loves being outdoors and learning about "real things" wish the UK education department would look into more outdoor education within the curriculum x As he learns very much so as a see learner than a read learner. but for now he just needs to grin and bare it ;)

Myself have got gum ache lol I have a small nerve problem where a tooth cracked and didnt come out in full so part of the tooth is still in my gum with the nerve being raw but it will die down ina  few days it always does x 

Right I am off got a few videos to upload x some links to the people mentioned in my post today

Lots of love and hugs Karen xxx

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