Sunday, 28 August 2016

Weekend Joys

What a weekend!!!
Woke up on Saturday morning at 3am (baring in mind my leg and not managing to stumble about with out pain) with my eldest son at the front door, he was supposed to be staying with a friend, so grudgingly woke Ian up to go and let him in, Ian was needing to be up at 7am for work, so he got up and ranted about the time, but let him in.
I was shattered but not due any more pain relief till 8am. So lay in bed reading harry potter and the half blood prince (am now on the deathly hallows).
Ian got up at 7am and went to work, about 10am Jordan stumbled into my room and I gave him a ticking off about waking us all up in the middle of the night, he apologised and said "I'll message you next time" so let it go.
Ian came home about 4pm to take Jayden over to my parents for church, I havent been out the house since a family friends funeral on 19th July so despite a very sore leg I doped up on pain relief and heat spray and braved the stairs.
and Ian drove me over to my parents and I was finally able to give them their anniversary gift.
I went and sat on their sofa and reclined up the foot rest heaven, when they all went to mass me and my sister sat and had a good blether. When mum came home she was making a fry up for dinner (traditional english breakfast) asked if I wanted any but I said just a piece (sandwich) and bacon 
it was delicious, then she brought me through a slice of honey dew melon and then asked if I wanted an ice lolly. She done the mother thing and fussed about me, god love her. 
Ian came in about 8pm and we headed home and I am sure he went out of his way to drive over every blooming speed bump in the roads between Paisley and Beith just for fun.
Got home and Jordan had left a note saying he was out with friends, 10.30pm he arrived home and said Im staying at Scott's his best mate, So I said remember if you are coming home make sure we are up otherwise stay at Scott's, no defo staying mum see you in the morning.

needless to say 4am the door went but Ian had a 6am start this morning so rather than wake him I went down and I am sure he would have rathered it was Ian, tired and sore mum doesnt make the best parent so he got a telling off the reason he came home!!! Scott fell asleep and I was bored, talk about red rag to a bull so was warned next time he tries it he will be on the step until one of us is actually getting up. 

On the positive side my order came from Curtis Ward, yesterday I made a swatch of the colours and just done a little bit of scribbling with them to get a feel for the colours and the pigments etc. 
By no means worthy of sharing but I will at the end of the blog, it is sometimes nice to just see the sketching and play stuff cause thats what it is meant to be for fun and relaxing not to sit and be looked at.

Also this weekend we have been looking at a new car, our meriva 56 plate (2006) is due its MOT next month and we fear due to a bit of chassis rust it might not pass so Ian has £2,500 in cash for a newer car, we when Ian first went self employed done deliveries for a chinese to try and up our income but in doing that we really did clock up substantial mileage on the clock so we are looking for a car with a lot less mileage but needs to be a similar style for him to fit all his equipment and have space for passengers and also be fit to use for days out and holidays etc. So we have seen 2 the same model as ours one is a year younger (2007) and the other one is 2008 with a higher engine so we are hoping to go view it tomorrow and get it checked over. 
I hate looking for new second hand cars it is such a minefield as you dont know how many of them are actually fit for the purpose, we know due to the fact a small mechanic who worked for himself done a bit of work on our car and put it through its MOT afterwards for us and it passed no problems a few months later Ian felt something wasnt right with the exhaust and stopped into a well known and reputable garage in Paisley and asked them to check it and part of the exhaust needed changed, so he told them to do it, then he asked them just out of curiosity to give it a quick once over as his own mechanic he was starting to have alarm bells about and the guys did that for him and their was 3 or 4 fails on it with numerace advisory notices Ian was fuming and immediately told them to do the repairs, speaking to the owner of the garage he told him about his mechanic and the MOT and he said a lot of mechanics have rather good ways of appeasing MOT certificates with business very hard to prove mind you. But that was Ian done we now only use this garage and have done for a number of years they dont give us bull and dont do work unless it really needs done, even when Ian would rather they did lol. So going to ring them in the morning and book in an appointment to see if they will give the new car a once over and check it out for us (that will be a condition of the sale) 
My brother is very good at buying and selling (he could sell ice to eskimos) is going to come with us and it also means if Ian takes it Eugene can drive the new car home for us (after a few phonecalls to tax and insure it) 

Anyway thats been my weekend so here is some of the quick play I done with my Cotman Watercolours. as I said they are just getting to know the new paints and see what they can do.

Enjoy and Happy Crafting
Love and Hugs Karen xx

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