Thursday, 1 September 2016

Police, Hospitals and Cars

Sadly today I got zero crafting done, my morning started as normal
7am alarm got Jayden up for school, Ian was having a lie in as we were going to view a few newer cars today. Jordan hadnt been to bed he had been awake all night playing his playstation.
7.40am the door got chapped I was in here in the craftroom catching up on emails and pm's on facebook etc. so I hear someone say to Jayden is mum or dad home? Jayden shouts Jordan who was downstairs in the livingroom and I heads down still in my nightie, and there was 3 CID officers at the door, they came in and asked that we wake up Ian (obviously they had asked if there was anyone else in the house) sent Jayden up to wake him and they briefly said they had a search warrant and would show me it when Ian came down, by then my mood fell through the floor, I said can you wait till he goes to school at 8.15am no sorry we can't so I told Jayden to go over to my neighbour accross the road, she has 2 little ones in primary school and knew she would be up and about.
Ian came down and they let me read the paper with the warrant it was regarding our eldest son and things he had been getting up to, they then let Jordan read it and then Ian. They asked me where Jordan kept his "stuff" and told him living room, kitchen, bathroom and his bedroom which he shares with his brother.they said that would be the rooms they checked, and to be fair they could have been absolutely with in their rights to raid the whole house but they didnt. they didnt ransack the place either they did look but done it with care. Jordan went with them while they searched the kitchen and the bathroom and his room, they took some items of clothing and his mobile phone.
They then said they were detaining him and being the 17yr old know it all he tried the "im not sorted yet lads its a bit early I need to go get sorted" and the supervising officer put him in his place, "your detained if you want to brush your teeth and get a quick wash ask me but we are telling you whats happening not the other way around" and that was Jordan off on one "f**king scum blah blah blah" I said to him thats enough just do what they ask and get it over and done with.
I then said do you want me to call charlie (his lawyer) "no ill do it myself when I get there" ok, I will ring about 4pm then and see if you are being released and dad can come and get you "no dont bother" obviously raging for me siding with the police but to be fair they were in the right, anyway the supervising officer said to me if he wants you to know whats happening one of us will ring you.
So off they went.
I was just scunnered absolutely scunnered, but realistically what can you actually do they are adults in the eyes of the law, and he doesnt do anything dodgy in my house they didnt find anything in here except his own stuff, cause I wouldnt tolerate it, thats if he has done anything.

But we decided to go with our plans and chase up cars, so rung two one was a meriva 2yrs younger than ours and 1.6 litre engine ours is a 1.4 but when we got there the underneath of the car was badly rusted and ian felt it needed a lot of work soon to keep it on the road so we drove away and left it.

 car 2 was in Falkirk 50miles from us but it was an older car 56 plate but it has 1/3 of the miles our car has we are at 153,000 at the moment and this one only had 51,000 and it was a diesel 2 litre engine, we heard it go and ian started it up went first time, and he searched it all over and was in good nick, they wanted £1849.00 for it and Ian managed to say if it goes through its MOT with no advisories we will take it for £1700.00 and they said fine, so it is going through the MOT tomorrow, I will then ring up Monday or Tuesday and add it on our insurance and deal with the road tax. then on Thursday my brother is going to drive us out to collect it.

This is the car looks pretty decent for 10yrs old

 Ians going to use the Meriva for work and keep the Kia for running around in. He wants me to go for my driving lessons and he thinks having the car there will help get me out and about more, I agree in theory but the idea of actually driving on the road scares the crap out of me. But would mean I could visit my friends (that I feel safe with) or just when Jayden is off school take him a wee run in the car with a picnic and stop somewhere quiet and sit in the car and eat our lunch etc. But we will see.
Then tonight I visited my parents, mum is still in hospital they to be honest havent got a clue what is wrong, they want her to have an MRI scan but due to her having had a brain aneurysm she has a metal clip in her brain and dependent on the type of metal it is wither she can have the scan so it is a nightmare. My sister went up to visit tonight and she took my niece and Jayden with her.
Also my friend Anne who lost her mum last month she is a clerk in the hospital she went up to visit mum when she finished and Mum is in the same ward and the same room as Annie was in (our family friend who died in that room) but told Anne, Only the good die young that old witch will out live us all x and we all laugh about it due to the amount of times she has been at the brink and came back. But it is scary when you actually realise our mums and dads arent going to be around forever.

Anyway like I said ladies I have done zero crafting as I didnt get home till 9.30pm and I am pooped, checked my usual email, facebook, and then youtube.

And between 6.30pm (ish) and 10pm I have won Jakki douglass's wee giveaway to be fair me and mel won by default, as poor Jakki hadnt been very well but... she has another video posted with a brilliant giveaway so click HERE to view.
and then I won a prize on Handy Hippo Crafts I am so excited x honestly it is after the day I had just brilliant and then.... Ian brought me up my sub box from scrimpy's from August and I love it all as always. so Im going to bed to take all my meds and sleep right through.
Jordan is up in court tomorrow so no doubt I will hear at some point what has happened.
We arent going, Ian obviously has work and I couldnt manage on my own plus I need to be here for the wee one getting in from school.
But Im sure whatever happens I will just dust myself off and just keep going x 

Thanks for being here x Lots of Love and Hugs Karen xx

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