Saturday, 3 September 2016

Where has the week gone???

Well it is Saturday sorry for not blog yesterday but I was honestly up to my neck in phonecalls and general paperwork for the house and stuff. 
Yesterday Jordan was in court and has been released on bail, he has conditions including a curfew from 7pm till 7am until he goes back to court, we have also made conditions on him which include him either going on to a college course or doing a training course, learning programme anything to keep his mind active and stop him sitting about thinking of hair brained schemes to make money.
He has agreed to them and it will be down to him to stick to them because if we put him out the house he goes to jail on remand as he wont have a bail address.
Also a support group that used to work with him as a teenager also are involved again and are included as part of his bail conditions that he work with them and try and get his life turned around.
so fingers crossed he will take heid and will hopefully make the changes after all he is the only one who can make that change.

Otherwise with mum we are still waiting on them doing more tests they cannot find her notes on what type of metal the stint is in her brain mum had a brain aneurysm in 2000 and needed a clip put in her brain to stop the bleed. but now 16yrs on the information on what type of clip went in has disappeared!!! honestly it beggars belief so they now cannot do the MRI scan like they wanted to do so they are going to do another CT scan and see what that shows. meanwhile they have put her on a new medication gabapentin to help with the nerve pains but they are combined with all her other meds making her very sleepy, my sister visited yesterday and took out her dirty washing and bagged it up, unpacked her clean washing and put it in her locker and she slept through it until the wee nurse came in with the BP monitor to do her obs and woke her up and she drowsily said hello to Laura.
I hate they are so unprofessional with their details, when mum had the brain aneurysm they were originally giving her morphine (I was in the room when she was administered it twice) as one of the main symptoms of a bleed in the brain is a sledgehammer like headache, and by that evening she was transferred to a specialised hospital that deal with head injuries and brain, spine neurological etc and they immediately became concerned at how drowsy she was and I said "oh it will be the morphine" and they looked at me and said "what??" I said it will be the morphine she had 2 lots this morning for pain relief, they were jaw drop quiet and started checking her notes (which for the record mum went from the ward in Paisley via nurse escorted ambulance to a hospital in glasgow, the notes were delivered from ward to ward by a TRAINED member of staff) and there was NO notes for her having had morphine that day, we later found out why morphine causes the bleeding to get worse and makes things much worse luckily they scanned her again when I told them and the bleeding hadnt gotten much worse thankfully but it easily could have been a VERY different story. 
We could have taken it further and were advised to by the medical staff but to be honest all we wanted was mum to recover and get back on her feet, it was a long run almost 6 wks she was in hospital and took a good 6 months to have her back to near normal but there have been long term side effects to the brain operation she has no sense of smell at all (just aswell living with my niece honestly for being a young girl her backside when she lets wind go is eugh seriously disgusting) she also loses words for instance she will be trying to say wardrop and will come out with unit, cupboard, drawers, clothes and will get frustrated over time we have learned to click what she is meaning but other folk look at her sometimes like "wit you talking about" but she laughs it off most of the time. and the worse side effect is her patience levels especially with the kids, mum always had kids about her running playschemes in the summer holidays, running brownies and then beaver scouts etc but now she just cant even if the grandweans make too much noise she will get annoyed and she also gets flustered very easily, mum used to do xmas dinner for us all no hassles but now she gets so stressed out and cant do big meals, even sundays we all would be over and get a roast dinner and she had to stop it because she got so flustered and wasnt enjoyable to sit and eat when she got so worked up so we stopped going over, or when we did we left before meals.
but life does go one after major things like this and you just restock and re-evaluate and then move on. 

Anyway last little bit I was creating party boxes for my neighbours daughter who is having a movie themed birthday part tomorrow so I made popcorn styled boxes, they are so cute so thats all I have been doing.

So cute x I made 20 I love them.

Anyway happy crafting Love and hugs Karen x


  1. Hope things sort themselves out for your son. Hopefully this was the jolt that he needed. Know exactly what you are going through re waiting for mum to have an MRI. Martin has a metal heart valve and he waited in Hosp for 2 weeks for them to decide not to take the chance. He carries a card that says what type it is but that didn't help lol. Also since he had his first CVA he is very easily stressed, far less patient and gets lots of words mixed up. Sometimes we just can't help but laugh. Hope mum is on the mend soon, I hate gabapentin. I weaned myself off it earlier in the year. Take care sweetheart, love the honesty and openness of your blog. Xx

    1. Hi Kim, well Jordan has had more chances than anyone to get support, help, and everything else and he has always knocked it back so hopefully he can grab this chance and hold on to it, it has only been 2 days but so far he hasnt broken the conditions so I am hopefully but only time will tell. Spoke to mum today she seems a little bit brighter although they still cant find her notes which is infuriating, Im going to ring the ward tomorrow morning and give them a piece of my mind as I think it is absolutely disgusting to have such a massive flaw in their medical records, they are legal documents that need to be signed and dated and kept. I worked in a nursing home and we had turning charts and fluid intake charts that were legally documented and kept in their notes for future reference incase anything was needed at a later date so how on earth they can lose vital information about what they have actually placed inside your brain is just beyond me. It is very hard and it takes a lot of adjusting but you get there. Thanks for stopping by hunni x and I hope my honesty and openness will help others see that we all have issues in our lifes nobody has the perfect life.
      lots of love and hugs Karen xx