Sunday, 4 September 2016

Serene Sunday

Short blog today folk, things have been very mellow here for a wee change, Jayden has been over at my neighbours daughters birthday party today since 12 noon and it is now 9.10pm lol mega long party lol but they are all having a ball my neighbour has been posting videos and photos regularly all day on facebook.
This is the card I made Skye from us
it is her favorite TV show at the moment this is not © for me to use but I havent sold it so I will be fine lol x (I hope) shush just dont tell anyone haha x 
But it is pretty and girly but also a little more grown up which is good.

Spoke to mum for a bit earlier on today and she is doing fine, tomorrow they are hoping to get the Ct scan done but it will just depend on how many are booked in and how many emergency cases crop up wither she will get the scan and the results done on the same day which is annoying but nothing we can do about it really.

The garage called late yesterday and the car went through an MOT on Friday night and failed due to suspension brushes so they are fitting new ones on Monday and then will resit its MOT and if all being well we will pick the car up on Thursday, my brother has agreed to drive us through and means Ian can pick the car up, I just need to tax and insure it before Thursday so it is legal on the road.

Anyway folk thats all for today, I have done a wee bit of mixed media work tonight but I want to see if it works before I say too much, if it works I will be videoing it and perhaps do a tutorial on here too x Anyway Happy Crafting always Karen x

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