Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Midweek Happiness

This morning started out with Jayden being sick, he has complained of an upset tummy the past few days along with his headache so yet again he had another day off school.

The postman came about 10am with a lovely parcel from Handy Hippo Crafts with my prize from their August giveaway, I was absolutely over the moon with my prize loads of goodies.
A huge thank you to Edie-Jane and all the staff at Handy Hippo Crafts for the brilliant work they do.

Got a call from the garage about the car and we are going to collect it tomorrow morning, So when Ian gets home I need to get it road taxed and Insured as my brother is picking us up at 9.30am (ish) tomorrow morning to go and collect it. I am super happy, now just need to try and find bravery pills to get out and learn to drive lol.

Craft wise I have done little bits and bobs nothing major
have been doing some playing with my watercolours just getting the feel of them and learning the basics, I have die cut a few bits and bobs and then made this wee card that I think is quite cute x 

I am in a bit of a rut with my creativity have been scouring pinterest for inspiration but as yet nothing is jumping out at me, and even with my new goodies today from Handy Hippo I am still struggling but I am sure it is a temporary blip and will be back to normal before too long.
Sometimes I feel that too many supplies can overwhelm your thoughts and drown you with ideas, so going to try tomorrow choosing a small selection of things and working with them only.

On positive news mum got home from hospital today which is a huge relief as my dad being with his limited mobility has found it extremely difficult and my sister has been run ragged trying to do all of mums work plus the extra load of running back and forth to the hospital.

Anyway I hope you all have a fab crafty day
Love and hugs Karen x

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