Wednesday, 28 September 2016

New Great Nephew & Happy Birthday to my niece Leah who is 5 today

Freddie Born 20th Sept 2016 
weighed 6lb 5oz

Ians Sister Heather with Freddie and Big Sister Olivia

The Handsome Lad

Sheree and Gary with their gorgeous Boy

Happy Family

Sheree was just in school when I met Ian and now look at her she is a brilliant working mum of 2 amazing kids and has a fab partner in Gary who is just delighted with their son.
She really was born to be a mother. 

Our Leah on her first day at school in August,

She is such a wee cutie and the cheek just looks out her, but honestly she is just adorable.
So need to make her some cards today and get Uncle Ian to drive through tonight with them for her when he gets home.

My dads birthday card from me and Ian,
Dad although his parents are irish and his older siblings, my dad was born and bred in Scotland and does love his country (but loves Ireland almost the same)
So I saw a card similar to this on Pinterest Here
and used that as inspiration.
I took a piece of scrap tartan paper and scored small lines to make pleats on either side I scored ten
then the middle section then looked too flat so to build it up I cut a piece of the paper to fit in that area and popped it up on foam pads to give it some dimension and more substance. 
The top I simply used black satin ribbon 10mm and glued it on the back that also helped pinch the pleats in at the top, I then took some chain and cut two equal lengths and punched out the sporran shape from the stampin up fox builder punch (the body upside down) 
added small holes on the side using a pokey tool and then used jump rings to add the chain to the sporran and tucked them under the ribbon and glued them in.
The buckle for the belt is simply the number 0 on its side and I die cut them from the new dovecraft basic die range which I love. Also die cut his age and coloured them with Silver sharpie marker.
The happy birthday is an old "inca stamp" from a job lot I bought when I first started papercrafting properly 6yrs ago, it is actually on two layers but I cut them into 2 strips and placed them side by side I stamped them with versamark embossing pad and then used silver powder to match the numbers.
My Dad absolutely loved it and couldnt believe I made the embellishment from hand but to be honest it wasnt difficult at all x  

The kids card to my dad was super simple I adore this paper in botanical notes by First Edition and dad loves wildlife something both my boys have shown an interest in over the years so this card was just idea to keep the paper as it was already stunning, The layer behind it is a wood effect from wild at heart first edition paper pad and I used the same paper for the name and die cut it using a marianne die and used the decorative labels punch from stampin up I cut out both papers used and the wood effect on I cut up the middle and used it almost as a border around my label to make it stand out a little.

Otherwise my crafting has been pretty minimal as I am actually in so much pain and not really being able to sit on my PC for very long at all with out being in too much pain to bear. I am defo going to the doctors hopefully I can get an appointment for Friday morning or Monday at the latest because honestly I am barely able to stay awake for 2/3 hrs then I am absolutely shattered. I am checking in on my mobile trying to keep inspired and upto date on youtube and facebook etc, and when I am up I am making what needs made, like Dad's cards and Leahs cards today (no idea yet what Im making tho) then I head back to bed and read my ereader and dose in and out basically the rest of the day, I went to my dads last night to give him his cards and honestly I felt hellish, but he is my dad and I hated not getting over on his birthday but the thought of 3 under 11's racing around mums livingroom along with mums dog just was too much for me to contend with lol x so I dragged myself over last night and done my daughterly duties.

Anyway will post tomorrow the results of my nieces cards (Our birthdays are all like buses none for ages then they all come and get you at once)

2nd May - Ians
8th May - Olivia (my great Niece)
10th May - Jayden's
25th May - My nephew Jack

28th June - my niece sheree
2nd July - my brother
5th July - Ians sister
9th July - Ians Brother

20th Sept - Freddie (My great nephew)
25th Sept - my gran
26th Sept - My Dad
28th Sept - Leah

9th Dec - My niece Kim
17th Dec - Jordan
31st Dec - My sister and my cousin
9th Jan - me
14th Jan - my cousin

The rest are dotted around the calendar but gosh these wee bursts leave you skint lol x 

Anyway until tomorrow Happy Crafting people xx 

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