Monday, 26 September 2016

MIA & Birthday's

This past week has been a pretty rough one, needing my full quota of pain relief to just get through the day sadly the downside of that is that I tend to sleep almost around the clock.
But I have got up early today as Jayden has school and I need to make my dad a birthday card he is 69 today and he just amazes me honestly absolutely amazes me, the amount of pain and discomfort he suffers day to day is unreal yet he still plods on with a happy face and a smile and hug for us all.
He truly is our hero.
A wee bit of history about my dad I suppose, my nana and papa were living in Carndonagh in Donegal Ireland when Dad was conceived but due to having 8 children already and a 9th on the way
they headed for scotland leaving the oldest 6 Children with family in Carndonagh they set of with the twins for Paisley, Scotland to find work and set up a new home.
They found that home in Barclay Street in Paisley and in time the older kids came home too.
They ended up a family of 15, 9 girls and 6 boys.
Dad worked in the shipyards and in chrystlers cars then started working for Pirie's of Paisley
and after a few years he worked for a Sister company Tarmastics and half his family joined too, Uncle Tommy, Uncle Michael, Uncle Tam, Uncle Morris and I think there was a few nephews at some points too, sadly the company went under and Dad went back to Pirie's and enjoyed the job working with friends he had known for years who I still to this day call uncles crazy but true.
Dad and Mum are just perfect for each other and make it look so easy, the biggest argument they have ever had was over a pot of burnt potatoes yep again sad but true, both watching antiques roadshow and no-one watching the potatoes led to a stand of for a few days "ask your father?, Tell your Mother" you get the idea but seriously though in 40yrs thats the biggest one thats helluva good going.
Family is dads heart and soul, us weans and the grandweans and all the weans from around and nieces and nephews they all mean the world to him and he really does put them first every single time.
I actually dont think Dad has a bad bone in his body, he has views on certain things that may be a little dated but he in general keeps them under his hat and gives everyone the same warm welcome.
if I had the choice of which person I would want as a dad I would pick him every single time.
Thank you dad for all you do we all love you heaps.
Happy Birthday Dad.
Dad with his parents Dad is front far right (nearest his dad)

Dad with his brothers Tommy and Michael

Dad and mum, Jordan Wee mary and Mirin

Dad and his siblings with his mum (Dad's back row with the grey waistcoat on)

Our wee family (Minus Leah as she was still to arrive) and Ians Brother standing in as Laura's plus 1

Gran, Dad Laura and Me

Gran and Dad

Dad and Mum with Jordan

Dad and his big brother Jackie and Mum

their wedding day
Jacqueline, Nana, dad, mum, Gran and Uncle Tommy

Me & Dad

Me & Dad

Me & Dad

Mum and Dad

Mum & Dad with me

Mum & Dad

Mum & Dad

Eugene, Laura, Dad, Ian and Me
Scott, Elizabeth and Aunty Bibby

mum and dad with Jayden

Mum, Scott and Dad

The grandweans and Carol with Dad on Jayden's 1st Birthday

and yesterday was my wee grans birthday too (mums mum) miss her loads every day but I know she is around us all x 

So happy Heavenly Birthday Gran
My Gran

Me and Gran
Me & Gran

Will post some crafting bits and bobs tomorrow but for today Happy Birthday to 2 of the best people I have ever known x 

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