Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sparkles and Glitter

Thats my theme today, I am not a fan of dry glitter, I dont really like the fact it goes EVERYWHERE but, I decided today to pull out my glitter as I had an idea for a card and wanted the elements to be super glittery, so I used my hunkydory Diamond Sparkles Fairie Kisses its clear iridescent with a purple hue to it so pretty.
So while I am covered in glitter anyway I am going to do a few more sparkly cards today ;)

Yesterday my neighbours 4 tyres got slashed awful so Ian wired up one of our other CCTV Cameras to cover the front where her car is (since we got the new car he had been meaning to put up the 2nd one anyway to cover out own) so now the camera covers her car and our front entrance so it is all good and hope they come back to try again cause this time they will be caught red handed. 

I have been making a lot of cards recently and envelopes to match if they are not regular card sizes.
It just makes them look much prettier.
Also yesterday I launched my 2016 Santa Letters
I have done them every year for gosh 8-9yrs and I still get a huge smile when mums and dads tell me the excitement the wee ones get opening them I just love it x 
I type them all individually I do have 9 samples that I use as a base but I then type up all the personal information and edit it so no two are the same.
I honestly get a real joy doing it and for me now Jayden is past believing in Santa it keeps the Christmas Magic in our house going that little bit longer. 

Also my Dad has bought a car, Dad hasnt had his own car since before I was born, he worked on the roads (tar and asphalt) so he always had the transit van which had seats in the back for the crew so he never needed a car really. But recently with his mobility really playing up he needs it more than ever so he is now a proud owner of a Honda HR-V 4WD and it only had 28,000 on it even though it is almost 15yrs old, the last owner is my dads neighbour who is 88 and has now decided he cant drive anymore so it is a beautiful car and in pristine condition so I am going over tonight to tax and insure it for him, because he hasnt owned or driven a car regularly for a long time his insurance is a tad high but I am sure in a few years that will drop dramatically.
It is fantastic and I am so pleased he has decided to get the car as he will have so much more freedom (both him and mum) can jump in the car and go for a wee drive whenever they wish rather than him wasting away in the house all the time.  

Anyway keeping it short today as not much has been going on, but will add in some cards I have made over the last day or 2 x 

Golden Spinner Card

Fun Santa Spinner Card

A lovely layered Card using a cutting technique and using a mat layer to bridge both sides 

This Mornings GLITTERFEST haha 

and the result (the glue still needs to dry on the trees so it will be less white.

And just before I go my aunt posted this photo on Facebook the other day and it is a huge blast from the past, it is my cousin Donna-Marie's Birthday(She is front with the red with the red ribbon bow)
I am back with the Black version of it with my hair in a side pony tail. 
I just am stunner how like me my niece Leah is, she pulls that face all the time just now lol x 
gosh to go back to then and have a redo would be brilliant so many happy memories.

anyway hope you all have a lovely day x Speak Soon
Love Karen xx

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