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Breast Cancer is something that when caught early enough the survival rate is very promising and has a high success in treating and going into remission but it is SO IMPORTANT to know what to look for so here is some bullet points.
  • swelling of all or part of the breast
  • skin irritation or dimpling
  • breast pain
  • nipple pain or the nipple turning inward
  • redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  • a nipple discharge other than breast milk
  • a lump in the underarm area
These changes also can be signs of less serious conditions that are not cancerous, such as an infection or a cyst. It’s important to get any breast changes checked out promptly by a doctor.
So please if you have any and I mean any concerns see your GP right away 10 mins of his/her time could save your life.

Also it is Pregnancy, Infant and Child Loss Awareness month and again sadly this is another subject extremely close to my heart.
My nephew Jamieson was born on 23rd May 2012 at just 27wks gestation and weighted just 2lbs 7.5oz but he was doing superb and these photos show Jamieson from Day 1 in the first photo to Day 3 the night before he passed away.

You can see he was breathing unaided and had less wires and tubes etc, the sad fact was that on the Saturday they decided to change his feeding line from his umbilical line to a picc line as their is higher infection risks the longer the umbilical line stays in place.
Sunday Morning they sent for Kelly and said that Jamieson was poorly, what we didnt know then was that the picc line they had placed in the day before was just too long and instead of just being threaded near heart (it goes in to a certain vein but dont want to get to technical) it actually pierced his heart and flooded it so it had no room to beat anymore, the technical name for what he actually died from is known as Neonatal Cardiac Tamponade.
The frustrating thing for us as a family is that in our mind Jamieson was only going to need the feeding line for another day or two as he was starting to feed from Kelly (well she expressed so they could see exactly what he was taking) but he was feeding.
so realistically we feel that the picc line wasnt needed at all.
But then we are not medically trained we just know what we see, I have read shortys medical notes and there is a few errors in his care, that I feel contributed to him not being here today and the hospital have now changed the policy on the picc line placement and have said it wont be that length any longer. So at least no more babies in that hospital will pass from the same as Jamieson but.. what we would have liked is for that policy to be rolled out globally and help prevent other parents suffering the way Kelly & Jim and the extended family have.

I also lost the same year in December my nephew Shaun,
he was born asleep on 8th December 2012 

So hard to see someone so young like Kim (my niece) having to make decisions about burying her son, it just is not right. my heart ached to take the pain away from her and let her be the mum she was born to be, Sadly 5yrs on almost and Kim despite trying for another baby hasnt managed and the nhs are making her jump through hoops of fire before the even entertain helping her.
it honestly beggars belief, throughout her pregnancy with Shaun she was trying so hard and had cut out cigarettes as much as she could manage each day didnt drink, ate well was exercising and doing everything they recommended yet they still question her lifestyle before helping her to have a family, they want her to give up smoking, she said fine and would go on the ecig and try cut it down to a minimal amount before giving it up and that wasnt good enough before the sign her up for help she needs to be nicotine free!!! I understand I really do but when you see junkies and alcoholics having kids and not giving a monkey about them and leaving them anyone and everyone while they go and get smashed is just GRRR it pisses me off so much.
I just hope and pray that Shaun will help his mummy and daddy and send them an earth angel to love.

I also have friends and other family members who have lost babies/miscarried and it is devastating no matter what stage so please know that despite these babys not being here on earth they are still very much loved and part of the family and remembered every single day x 

Craft wise yesterday wasnt a productive day (sadly neither will today I am rather sore)
but I got a new stamps and dies (and punch) from Stampin Up
I got Peaceful Pines photopolymer Stamp set and Perfect Pines Framelit dies set
so had a wee play last night nothing wonderful but I do like the effects 

They are really pretty 

and I have also got my paper swap papers yesterday
Amanda basically had £20 from everyone who wanted to take part, she bought paper with all the money and then chopped it down to 6x6 and split it among all us who took part and they are just beautiful sadly they will be hoarded for a while as they are just to pretty ;) x 

I then placed another order last night for my last biggish haul before the xmas reigns need tightening in (sadly) but I ordered
Fast Fuse 129026 - £9.00 Fast Fuse Refil 129027 - free promo Neutrals Ink Pads - 140933 - £30.50 Paisley and Posies Stamp and Die Bundle - 143515 - £40.50 Jar of Love Stamp and Die Bundle - 142342 - £48.50 Wink of Stella - 141897 - £7.25 In The Meadow - 140754 - £18.00 Punch 1/2" Circle - 119869 - £5.50
Punch 1 3/8" Circle - 119860- £14.50

The punches I love because of the flat shape for storing and the inkpads, I needed as the distress inks as much as I love them they dont stamp perfectly. so needed a proper ink pad to work with, I will buy the other colours but will likely be next year now boo hoo, I am really loving Stampin Up products and honestly they are well used x

Anyway hope you all have a lovely chilled sunday x

Love and hugs Karen xxx

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