Thursday, 6 October 2016

Christmas is getting in closer each day

The last day or so I have been working on lots of Christmas Card for the Christmas season,
I love the giving at christmas not the expense but the actual gesture of sharing something you have spent time on it really does make me smile inside.
So thats what I have been doing and I love it.
heres a few I made yesterday and today
Made using a technique by Chari Moss

Small shaker card since I had my sequins out x

I had embossed this stamped butterfly last week and it has been sat on my table doing nothing and by pure chance it fell on a scrap of this paper and I though "oh they look so nice together" so then the card was born haha x amazing how random things lead you.

This one is close to my heart it is from the paisley and posies paper line from Stampin Up
(I have ordered the stamps and dies) but I was born and bred in Paisley and only left in 2008 but am back through when I visit my parents.
so the Paisley pattern is close to me cause my mum and gran both worked in the mills of paisley where these patterns were made and literally took off from and in the paisley museum they still have original shawls that were made using the paisley pattern and one of the girls I went to school with her ancestors were part of the original weavers. it is an amazing story
some of our Paisley heritage in the museum in Paisley
and for the history buffs their is more information on the Paisley website on the patterns history

This was using a technique by Kristina Werner 
it uses mirrored stamping to get the above effect and it worked brilliantly I adore it.

This was again thanks to Chari Moss

and another shaker :)

"real" life thankfully has been quiet and very peaceful which I must say is a very welcome friend ;) long overdue.
I have been watching a bit of TV recently on Sky Go while making my cards
Masterchef Australia (I love the process they have much better than the UK one and the judges are much nicer)
also Ross Kemp Extreme Worlds, I have been following his documentary history from WAYYYY back and Ian bought me the book on his first series Ross Kemp on Gangs and since then I was hooked I love his style and how he can sit and be so non judgemental is absolutely beyond me, I remember watching one last year on the diepsloot in South Africa and on the rape epidemic over there and my god he spoke to a number of folk who admitted they had raped and I swear to god how he could contain himself was just I just dont know if I could control myself not to react to their replies just absolutely vile monsters.
But they plus side is with being so non judgemental and being so open to hearing their stories we are hearing from the darkest sides what is really going on and not just what we are being fed by the media. it really does open your eyes.
I remember watching on based in East Africa where the witch doctors are still firmly believed to be healers and that hitmen went out hunting for albinos and literally would chop of their limbs, and when an albino was buried they had to lay concrete over the coffin to stop robbers coming and taking the deceases body away to sell, it is so bad that albinos were actually seeking sanctuary in leprosy clinics to stay safe. just beggars belief that in these modern times acts like this still occur.

Anyway enough of my rabbiting on and boring you all with my crazy media interests.
Hope you all have a craft day x 
Love and Hugs Karen xx

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