Monday, 24 October 2016

Card Feast

Many of you know that come this time of year I start preparing for my santa letters,
so being prepared is a huge part of that as for 2/3 weeks I get stuck on the PC typing and editing letters to make sure they are perfect before printing.
So to be ahead in my other commitments is a priority and that includes my Youtube Video tutorials,
I do a monday Card making series that I absolutely love as it gives novice card makers the ability to watch step by step how to achieve completely do able cards from start to finish.
So the past few days I have been hammering through them to get ahead and for now I am scheduled up till the 7th November and ideally by the end of the week I want sorted until new year so I know that everything is dealt with.

So here is a sneak preview of some of the upcoming tutorials on my channel
Basic Die cut and Negative card super simple and elegant x

Such a fun card to make and would be an easy one for kids and childrens groups to make in larger groups.

This is the Wow factor of the top card the sentiment has been glittered and looks fab x

Exact same as above just different colour

Lastly my bonus Halloween tutorial :) So cute x 

Along with these I have also made a gorgeous little paper bow embellishment
These were made using a Dovecraft die
which I have the link below

This link above gives me a small percentage per sale, it doesnt cost you the buyer a penny more but gives me a small amount to help buy more items to show you all what they can do.

Watch out for so many more short but helpful tutorials.

I also this weekend had some creative time to myself and decorated a bicycle Kit I bought from Scrimpys Lace Closet
it was super cute before I started to decorate so didnt overdo it, I just added a small amount of decoration to shabby it up x 

I absolutely love the outcome and the actual amount of pins it holds is a massive plus for me :)
I do LOVE my stick pins x 

Anyway I am waiting on DT Packages to arrive from 
Which I am SUPER excited about, it also is including an item from Fernli Designs,
which is known for its amazing quality and even better pricing.

Personal note Yesterday was a lost day my hip was totally out of action even laying in bed I was in pain which was not amusing, so I was on strong pain relief to help alleviate it, sadly it took the edge of the pain but not much more, I was reading my ebook, Patricia Cornwell Scarpetta Series (I love this series) I am rereading them and started book 8 yesterday Unnatural Exposure
So between reading I was watching youtube videos and started watching the series Cold Justice it is an american Lawyer and CSI (both female) helping with cold cases to try and bring forward charges.
it is really good so am on Season 2 Episode 3 of that (I know such a geek)

Anyhoo talked the hind legs of you probably but I hope you stop by my youtube channel the link is on the right handside and watch some of my tutorials x 

Sending huge crafty hugs Karen xx

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