Monday, 10 October 2016

Quiet Weekend

This weekend I have been very quiet and just resting lots as I have been on a wee down spell but not letting get hold so trying to keep my head up and keep plodding on.

Anyway I have applied for a few design teams this past few days some for papercrafting and some for embellishments I do of course Design for Scrimpys Lace Closet and that wont change (anytime soon I hope) but need more challenges to keep my active and keep my creative.
So I hope that one of them at least see my work being similar to waht they are looking for for their store.

The last few days I have created a few altered Boxes, One was a round Papermania Bare Basic's box I just LOVE the quality of these boxes and the sturdiness of them they are absolutely worth the money you pay for them the second was a heart shaped box with a split lid, I took a long time decorating that one as I didnt really know what I was doing with it but I am really happy with the outcome just need to add the embellishments to it and I am done x 

This is my papermania box, (the heart box I will show later in the week once it is properly finished)
I have used the candycane lane papers from SU and used trims and laces and the bling and the floral all from Scrimpys Lace Closet
I absolutely love it I did video it but to be honest it is SO LONGGGG and boring as I just take so long in deciding what I want on my box as decoration and this one took me even longer than normal as red is not a colour I stock much of, and ideally I would have preferred something different to the red ribbon around the top but my supplies in the colour scheme were limited.
The bling chain I used e6000 to attach it so that it wont be coming loose anytime soon.

Anyway x I hope you all have a lovely crafty day, I have the pleasure of my youngest sons company this week as it is the october week holiday in our area (so much fun NOT) but I am sure I will manage to craft in between the wee one and his friends running in and out all day x 

Lots of crafty hugs Karen xxx

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