Saturday, 26 November 2016

Merry Scrap-Mas (Christmas Cards using Scraps and Minimal supplies)

This past week I have been doing a series on youtube
making cards for christmas using supplies most crafters have and can buy extremely cheaply,
and using our scraps.
I have had a good feedback on the series and people have enjoyed seeing how to maximize your supplies to the best use.
Here are the cards I have made in this series

Also this week I have altered a few items x
firstly I made an altered doritos dip jar 
the holiday season this is something that we tend to have in the house for socializing with a drink and a few nibbles so I thought this was perfect to show how pretty they can turn out.

So pretty and shabby not my usual colour scheme but.... I am so pleased at how it turned out and actually it is so useful for storage and also as a lovely little gift jar, fill it with sweeties or bath salts, or teacher gifts, some nice coffee, tea, hot drinks etc it is actually a good size x

I also made an altered box, Paper Mache Papermania bare basics they are amazing quality and are the most easy to decorate without having issues with adding the lid (usually) as it is fabulous sizing for you to add paper or paint and still fit snuggly without struggling to fit back on the lid which can be an issue with some styles of these boxes, if that is an issue my advice to help this is sand the inside of the lid and the outer edge of the box a little it will weaken the box lid area a little but it will fit better.

so pretty x 

Today my intention is to make a few christmas tags for a swap on scrimpys
one of our ladies has signed up for the swap but not responding to her partner so I will make the swap up just incase she doesnt respond by monday so that our ladies won't miss out on a swap so we have angel swappers so that no one misses out and it is working out really well so far.

Then I want to try making a few cards for finish of my make a card monday series for the year.
it has been so fun making them and perhaps I will keep the series running next year as it has been popular. But I like to schedule a few weeks in advance and I want to have them done for the holiday season well in advance as we have a busy busy December.

My eldest son got into a little bit of trouble with the law a few months back and his court date has arrived so he has a pleading diet and then the trial this month it is also his 18th Birthday so we will be mega busy, plus I have bought zilch for christmas yet, my intention is to blitz it next week and the week after so that it is all done and dusted.

My santa letters are on the countdown to the closing date so I have got a lot of them typed up and proofs checked and ready to go so Tuesday Night I will be printing and getting them in their envelopes and addressed so be posted first thing Wednesday Morning to HOPEFULLY arrive for 1st December 2016 and kick off the little ones Advent season with a huge magical event.
these letters every year I get such wonderful feedback and it honestly is one of my favorite times of the year and to keep the magic alive in my house even though my kids are past the santa stage x

Anyway thats about it for now x hope you have a fantastic weekend 
Happy Crafting
Love and hugs always Karen xxx

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