Thursday, 22 December 2016

Where is the time going?

This week has been hectic,
I have celebrated my son turning 18yrs old
(gosh that was a shock to the system)
We went out for a meal on Saturday night in Paisley to the Bobbin Mill
(it used to be really busy but a newer one opened across the street so it is now much more peaceful)
So we all all had a lovely time,
Jayden ordered Chicken Goujons, chips and beans 
and for dessert it was a make your own sundae, which he LOVED
Jordan ordered chicken wings in a BBQ dressing,
and Cod & Chips (he is not a veg person)
Ian ordered Tomato and Basil Soup and Rump Steak Fajitas
I got Tomato and Basil Soup and Hunters BBQ Chicken
we all sat and had a good blether and Ian and Jayden had a game of Pool.
Ian went to Asda and got a case of beer for him and Jordan when they got home, we dont tend to keep drink in the house, as none of us are big drinkers.
but they had a good night putting the world to rights.
Sunday we went over to my mums and my whole side of the family was there to wish Jordan a happy birthday. my brother and SIL and the 2 kids Jack and Leah, my sister and niece Mirin, and my parents I am not doing great mentally just now so there was a lot of hilarity and I really struggled to keep myself from exploding but I managed to hold it in, but when we got home I headed to my bedroom to get some space.
Monday morning I had the GP at 8.30am for the nurse to get my bloods checked for my diabetes, while there she decided I needed the flu jab and the pneumonia jab too so got them done also, then Wednesday the receptionist phoned me to say my bloods were high and was to make an appointment to see the GP but I know why the bloods are high I havent been taking my meds correctly because I am struggling mentally I am finding things hard to remember and my 3 x a day has ended up once a day occasionally 2x which isnt enough :( so no doubt going to get a lecture when I see her tomorrow.
Also yesterday I made a START yip I hadnt bought one thing for Christmas, So Jayden has got speakers for his PC, and jenga, a few PS3 games (no idea which ones Ian chose them) and money for boxing day
Smellies and pjs, Jordan has smellies and pjs and just money, my niece Mirin got money plus I have made her a canvas and altered ballet shoes.
My sister I have got lots of little bits and bobs, socks, candles, sister banner and a keyring and have made her a jewellery set,
Mum a jewellery set and also box of chocs
Dad got some books and chocolates (black magic)
my niece's Leah has some disney activity books and a jigsaw, Olivia got a jigsaw plus an activity set, my nephew jack got a neon colouring set and a street magic kit.
the rest of the kids got money due to them being babies or being older and can buy what they want.
so it is all just needing wrapped now.

I have took some time out from Facebook at the moment and deleted it, just need to get some space and away from other folks happiness (which sounds bad but when you feel as bad as I am just now other folks joy just makes you feel less hopeful not that you wish they didnt have that joy and happiness) so deleted it last night but have kept messenger to stop people freaking out about me lol.

anyway x I will come back on before Christmas and wish you all a Merry Christmas x

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