Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Where I have been!!!!

I have been in a real dark space and have sought help but sadly they have no funds to care for me at home, Only through Clinics and sadly with my agoraphobia clinics and things is unsuitable for me without being highly medicated. I am just going to need to plod on and hope divine intervention intercepts and lifts some of the darkness x 

Home has been BUSY x 
Jordan has brought himself a lot more bother with breaking his curfew 7-7 so he is most likely going to be remanded, but if that happens then so be it, I am just so tired of all the court drama hanging over our heads. But other than breaking the curfew he has done well and stuck within the law and kept his nose clean.
Jayden has had a birthday this week also, he was 11yrs old on the 10th May where has the time been going?
Hes a lovely lad, spoiled and gets away with a lot due to him being the baby but he is so caring and is loving and I am so thankful he is so gentle x 
I had a migraine on Sunday Night and he came home from my parents (he had spent the weekend there) and came upstairs and gave me a cuddle and just a hug helps sometimes.
He wanted to buy his own things and from Ebay, it was his choices, So we gave him £50 and my parents and my sister gave him £20 each so he had £90 to buy what he wanted online he bought a lot of things online that he was looking for 
PS3 Minecraft Complete Story Game
PS3 Lego Avengers Game
PS3 2K17 WWE Game
PS3 WWE Legends Game
New Charger for his DS
Another Fidgit Spinner
2 T/Shirts
Transfer Paper (I am going to print on them and put them on the t/shirts)
WWE Hardback Encyclopedia

He also got more money £20 from my brother and SIL, £10 from my parents friend and £1 from Jordans Friend, £4 from one of Ians customers, and my neighbour who also gave him £10 
Jayden is well liked and a polite, funny wee character and VERY sociable, everyone seems to like his company which as his parent makes me very proud.
Some Recent photos he got his hair cut (his own choice superman on one side and batman on the other)

In my parents house with Buddie (my sisters dog)

Playing Lego with my neighbour/Friends son Joey x

Craftwise I have been using a lot of Stampin' Up! 
SU also have a Birthday Wishes Challenge which is for charity for Ronald McDonald House,
they want 10,000 cards in the UK so far I have 89 made from me alone x it is such an amazing charity that it is imperative to support them x
my personal aim is 100 which I will do easily so might need to move the goal to 150 x these will be for Team Scrimpy x 

Most of these have been made using one sheet wonders I will talk it through here in a future post, but I have a video on my youtube HERE
here are some samples of the cards I have been making recently.

Anyway hopefully get back to blogging regularly and let you see my work x 

Lots of Love and Crafty Hugs Karen xx

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