Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Kidney Infection

Thursday 5th Jan, I was in a lot of pain but Ian was working so had no-one to take me to the surgery, he got home early and I rung the surgery at 4pm and got told to come round at 5pm, was saw by the GP and diagnosed a severe kidney infection, gave me a 3 day course of antibiotics and told to drink plenty of fluids.
Friday I was completely out the game and the days a bit of a blur, Saturday I felt a bit better just drained but the pain had easied a little, then on Monday I rung the surgery as I had finished my course of antibiotics and still didnt feel right, so she said there was another 4 day course sent to the pharmacy on Friday for me, (the GP phoned the house to tell me but I was asleep) 
So Jordan collected them yesterday, todays the first day I have been on the pc long enough to update everything, normally it is check my emails and back to bed.
No idea when I will be back to full health but when I do I promise my blog will be back to normal x 

Lots of love and hugs Karen xx

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